Pitch perfect...

Perfect Sound

Without high quality equipment, your ears will be disappointed.

Numark NV - Live Mixing

This thing does it all, mixing, looping, sampling, queuing, the list goes on and on. Simple controls help our DJ's focus on your guests.

Apple Macbook

Not because it's cool, it's because they are reliable. MacBooks produce reliable behavior, and are rock solid performers.

Wireless Microphones

Got something to say? Well you don't have to be tethered to our equipment by a cord. We always bring atleast two microphones to all of our events. Always wireless and pitch perfect... That is if your on key...

JBL 18-inch Subwoofers

It's hard to get great sound reproduction without the proper low end base. These things much larger than the biggest pizza out there not only create great low end sounds, but if you get really close your nose hairs will tickle.

JBL 15-inch 2 way speakers

We need a little mid range and high end to go with that base. Noone makes better than JBL. Providing sound at huge concerts and venues is their game. Why shouldn't we use the same great technology at your event?.
Create just the right mood...

Venue Lighting

From slow dancing to disco, we can create the perfect effect.

American DJ Moving Heads

Standing over two feet tall, these lights aren't those little toys you grab at the mall. These theatrical lights have the power and features to dazzle your dance floor with class. Check out this product video.

Par Lights

We love these lights so much we have 20 of them. These are the trick to creating those great uplight effects at your venue. The key to ours, they are completely wireless. No worry about cables running all over the place. Perfect for hard to light areas as well, that can be placed anywhere!